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13th Labour FAQ

Why is your comic's name "13th Labour?

It's after the twelve labors of Herakles from Greek mythology; and the British spelling of Labour is in honor of mon petit jumeau, Stephen.

Why is Jordan bald?

She isn't. It's a combination of a swept-back hairstyle and a bulging forehead. I don't plan to change that much, but I may cheat the hairline down a bit.

Is Eurynome really pronounced "your enemy," or is the main character mispronouncing it intentionally or unintentionally?

She is slightly mispronouncing it, but most people would hear it as your enemy. It's (under a couple of different phonetic spellings) [yurInomi] / you-r-i-no-mee whereas your enemy would be [yor3n{schwa}mi] / yor-eh-nuh-mee. But it could easily be the difference in accents, or carelessness.

May I link to you?

Of course! If you like, you may use one of the following banners. Just make sure to upload them onto your website, because they won't work if you simply link to them from here.

Would you link to me?

I will consider exchanging links with sites that, in my opinion, are of value. For comics, this means a certain level of skill in art and writing, and at least twenty-seven strips/pages. For other sites, something comparable.

Are any of the characters based on real people?

Um . . . NO! Of course not! There is no way any of my family members will be able to sue me for false representation!
I'm using some people as a jumping off point, but I plan to stray quite wildly from any real resemblance. Others are completely made up.

Where did the idea for the comic come from real life, straight from your imagaination, other works etc.?

It mainly came from Stephen. I've been planning a comic for a long time. Even had some character sheets, and three years' worth of plot. But I just couldn't figure out how to get it started! Then Stephen convinced me to go at it from a completely different angle, and it seems to have been very effective in terms of a large output. Plus, I now know how to start the other one within the context of this one.

Why comic and not prose form?

Because a comic can seem complete with only a few lines, whereas that short a story can make me feel bad; and because it's easier for me to switch from scene to scene without spending a lot of time. Also, I've never much liked writing description. I do mostly prose, and I wanted to try my hand at drawing what I've been writing. (Getting better.) And it's a bit of a fan thing. I've been reading webcomics lately, with much more regularity than I've read pure prose. I can get up a comic quicker than I can get up a chapter to a story. Filler material is not so out of place. I think I can get more people to read this work than my novels, and if some people like it enough to want to read my other stuff, that's all the better!

What is your motivation?

I think, mainly what keeps me going, is not having something on hand to read, and justifying buying a scanner last year. I do want to know what happens next, but that only gets me as far as writing the next script or two.

When was the start date?

Mid-January, 2005. It was not a New Year's resolution, but I did toy with the idea of making it one retroactively.

Regards, Emu.

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