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OCT Nov 2008
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13th Labour

Amoebic Alien: Term invented by Jordan to deal with Uri. Also applies to Andrei when in similar shape. A living, infinitely malleable blob with tentacles and tubes. Not actually alien to Earth in the alternate universe of "13th Labour."

Apparition: A spirit with qualities perceivable by the senses, usually sight. Often only perceived by touch with changes in temperature.

Banshee: A haunt or similar being with some ability to foresee the future; feels pain when its tie will soon be destroyed, and so makes a commotion.

Bigfoot: See Sasquatch.

Blob: Any indefinite shape, usually non-angular, i.e. a blob of wax.

Garou: A living being which can become a different form of living being, usually changing between different genera of one class (i.e., mammal to mammal), often at will.

Genii: One possible plural of genius.

Ghost: Any once-living being still existing in the mortal realm.

God: A sentient, supernatural being of unusual longevity, difficult to kill if not immortal, who has either been accepted by other gods into their pantheon; or who has convinced a significant number of sentient beings to create a new pantheon and put himer in it.

Haunt: A ghost tied to a person, family, place, or thing.

Indira Pillan: Bizarre weather pattern from November 2010-September 2012 causing much shape changing (some permanent, some not) and other biological disruptions. Also results in increased post-bio activity.

Manifestation: A spirit with physical qualities.

Merman/woman/etc.: A marine creature with the head and torso of a human and lower body of a fish.

Merman-snake: Glenn. Unique amphibious creature resembling a merman but with much longer tail and more flexible torso and neck.

Mermaid: Anti-feminist term for a merwoman.

Pantheon: culturally related set of gods.

Phantom: Completely apparent ghost with some manifest qualities.

Poltergeist: A manifestation which commits hostile acts. Need not be dead. Often undergoing puberty. May or may not have control over its actions; usually not visible.

Sasquatch: Primate closely related to H. sapiens. Tall, hairy biped, native of western North America from 48 to 74 degrees north latitude. Pre-existing to current weather conditions. As a group, has treaties with some human nations; not acknowledged by others. Plural: ki-Sasquatch, Sasquatches.

Schemata: The sum total of all things that happen to a being in a life. Their memories and significant occurances that shape a personality. May or may not be held onto after death.

Shade: A barely-apparent ghost, often only seen as a shadow or by certain people. Has personality, limited memory, and limited to no physical qualities.

Spectre: A ghost, usually a phantom, with many qualities of a decaying body (for example, skeletal).

Spirit: An animating or vital principal which gives life to organisms when it is metaphysically attached to a physical form.

Soul: An immaterial essence that builds up and loses individual characteristics over time.

Triton: Proper noun. Son of Poseidon. Possibly the original merman. Carries a conch trumpet.

Were: (werewolf, werechinchilla, wereblob, etc.) A garou which changes only under certain circumstances, such as a certain phase or phases of the moon, getting wet, or being within hearing range of a word. Usually lacks control over the change.

Wraith: A ghost which has lost most or all schemata; is unlikely to remain perceptible in any sense. It is speculated that a wraith may be "dead" (again?) or otherwise lack existance when it fades away: unconfirmed.

Regards, Emu.

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