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OCT Nov 2008
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13th Labour

  1. Day -5: Paranormal weather begins.
  2. Day -3: Uri changes.
  3. Day 1:
    1. Jordan encounters Uri in new shape, first strip.
    2. Glenn changes shortly before receiving a phonecall from Jordan.
    3. Andrei changes and changes back.
  4. Day 2:
    1. Uri reveals herself to her father, Sybil, and her mother.
    2. Jordan goes to slave for The Grandma.
    3. Florence gains pyrokinetic ability.
    4. Jordan wants a pet.
  5. Day 4: Andrei meets Odeda, invites her to be a houseguest.
  6. Day 6:
    1. Tape incident and apology.
    2. Jordan goes to consult with Glenn and discovers Uri is there. This is the first time she's seen Glenn's new shape.
    3. Jordan goes home to be met with a message that The Grandma wants her again.
  7. Day 7: Cake baking.
  8. Day 8: Grandma gets piranha and strikes a bargain.
  9. Day 9:
    1. Soap making. Jordan gets fed up and Andrei gets a clue.
    2. Andrei calls Cecilia and Glenn, who contacts Sam, Kamali, Dooley, Maia, and Xue.
  10. Days 9-11: Stakeout outside The Grandma's nursing home.
  11. Day 11:
    1. All the rest of the "Senseless Soap" storyline.
    2. They discover themselves stuck in an Egyptian parallel.
  12. Day 12:
    1. Andrei calls home. Jordan begins money-making.
    2. Odeda tells fortunes and how to contact Uri.
    3. Uri brings in Theo, who earns the rest of the money.
  13. Day 13:
    1. Andrei and co. receive tickets for home.
    2. Glenn earns a little money singing.
    3. Some go on a shopping/sightseeing trip (which they've probably been doing all along) before heading home.
    4. Kamali loses a paintbrush, which is picked up by a mummy.
    5. Jordan chases Uri with a crowbar before meeting Florence and Vivian at the airport to pick up the eight minus Cecilia, who made her own arrangements.
    6. Florence and Vivian announce plans to create a coven, to which Dooley reacts by breaking up with Florence. (They've had eleven days to talk about this, but it wasn't funny, and all you need to know is the decision.)
    7. Long day, made longer by change in time zones.
    8. Uri and Glenn decide to go on a road trip.
  14. Day 14:
    1. Vivian catches Glenn just as he's leaving and gets his address book.
    2. Vivian picks Sam to join the coven and arranges a date with him.
    3. The entirety of the date.
    4. Vivian gives Dooley donkey ears in retaliation for his dumping Florence.
    5. There is an "exchange of opinions" with Dooley's parents, who seem to have fundamentalist Christian ideas.
    6. Meanwhile, Jordan practises making up with her sister.
    7. Vivian and Dooley achieve agreement. Dooley decides to keep his ears.
    8. Vivian explains her tattoo and scares Sam into climbing out a window.
    9. Florence stops Sam with a fireball - because Sam seems to be equally pyromaniacal and is fascinated.
    10. Sam joins the coven.
    11. Jordan is upset with Andrei.
  15. Days 14-35: Glenn and Uri drive to Australia.
  16. Day 16: Jordan, Andrei, and Odeda drive to Las Vegas.
  17. Day 17: Jordan drives Odeda home, Theo gives Andrei a ride home.
  18. Day 18: The Grandma buys the casino that Uri built.
  19. Days 36-37:
    1. Quigley catches Uri and Glenn.
    2. Uri catches Kangaroos.
    3. Glenn catches dates.
  20. Days 38-43: Glenn and Uri are "out of gas."
  21. Day 44: King Rudolf III calls Glenn for help.
  22. Days 44-58: Glenn and Uri drive back from Australia.

Regards, Emu.

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